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      • The research infrastructure and facilities portal of Campus mondial de la mer is online!

      • Organised by CMM members

      • Discover this online portal containing an up-to-date database of the facilities and infrastructure declared so far by higher education and research institutions and companies developing collaborative research!
      • The research infrastructure and facilities portal of Campus mondial de la mer is online!
      • Develop new collaboration and take advantage of our community's support and expertise

        Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, researcher, engineer, technician or are responsible for innovation, you can find out how to access the infrastructure and facilities belonging to the Campus mondial de la mer community and can contact the relevant technical advisers for information.  

        This portal showcases at a local, national and international level the wealth of research infrastructure and facilities in the field of marine science and technology that exists in the region. The marine infrastructure and research facilities concerns vary widely: ships and their undersea robots, observation and experimentation systems, laboratory facilities and advanced databases and processors.


        Contact with the academic world is helping develop pioneering businesses in the region, which in turn offer services using the latest facilities.


        This visitor-centered portal enables you to quickly identify facilities and services on offer, either for researchers and private companies ! For each service, a short description of the terms of access allows you to determine the potential of collaboration. 



        What is in the database now ?

        The portal displays information on facilities and services for:

        • 5 recognised research infrastructure (at French and/or European level)
        • 70 scientific and technological platforms
        • 350 pieces of equipment

        These facilities are provided by:

        • 10 private companies that develop collaborative research : CLS, France haliotis, Quiet Oceans, l'Institut de la corrosion, Ocean Data Lab, Foil & Co, Exwexs, EODYN, ...
        • 50 public research etablishments and teams : higher education and research centres (universities, engineering schools) and other public organizations (Ifremer, Cedre, SHOM, ...).

        The website displays more than 300 available services !



      • Published on 18/10/2018

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