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      • The 8th European Phycological Congress will be held in Brest in 2023

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      • The 8th European Phycological Congress will be held in Brest in 2023
      • It was in Zagreb (Croatia) in August 2019 that Philippe Potin (CNRS, Roscoff Biological Station, Sorbonne University) and Solène Connan (UBO, IUEM, LEMAR) presented Brest as the host city for the next European Phycology Congress1. The focus was on western Brittany, a territory focused on marine science and technology, with a long tradition in botany and phycology, a "hotspot" for algal diversity and a place of excellence in research on micro and macro-algae.

        With the help of the congress office of the Brescia metropolitan area, the emphasis was also placed on the capacity to host such an event, bringing together more than 400 international congressmen.

        As the project was considered very solid, Brest will therefore host the 8th European Congress of Phycology.

        The animation team of the Campus mondial de la mer will best support the process before and during the event.


        Few facts and figures from the 7th edition:

        • 432 participants
        • 4 plenary talks, one public lecture followed by panel discussion
        • 163 key talk and oral presentations
        • 243 poster presentations
        • 18 symposia
        • 2 workshops
        • 1 satellite symposia


        1 Phycology is the study of algae


      • Published on 22/10/2019

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