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      • Iodysseus launches its crowdfunding

      • Organised by CMM members

      • Help finance the scientific expedition "Objectif Bloom".
      • Iodysseus launches its crowdfunding
      • Be part of this great story that combines Running and Large with scientific research. First mission: to capture plankton in water and air, delivering it to scientists to reveal their secrets. Understanding how the ocean works and finding solutions for tomorrow is the ambition of the program led by professional navigator Eric Defert.


        Explore, understand and protect

        In 2019, Iodyseus is engaged in two fundamental research topics: carbon absorption by the ocean and the microbiological life cycle between the ocean and clouds. The first mission leaves Brest in a few days. Iodysséus has equipped a Class40 competition sailboat with a scientific platform for this pilot expedition called "Objectif Bloom". Off the coast of the Breton tip, this phenomenon of planktonic bloom is similar to the "Ocean Spring" and has a double effect on the planet's climate.

        • Transforming CO2
        • Contribute to the formation of clouds


        © NASA

        Did you know that plankton is:

        • The basis of the aquatic world's food chain
        • Plankton produce as much oxygen as forests do
        • A key element of the ocean and planetary balance
        • 98% of the marine biosphere
        • Solutions for the future and innovation
        • An inexhaustible source of wonder


        Who are the scientists of the Iodysséus program?

        The "Objectif Bloom" expedition combines for the first time:

        • The Villefranche/Mer oceanography laboratory (LOV) with Griet Neukermans
        • The Institute of Chemistry of Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF) with Pierre Amato
        • The Brestois Oceanopolis Marine Park
        • As well as Pierre Mollo, biologist and marine plankton specialist
        © Iodysséus

        Why a fast sailboat?

        Because there is no time to waste: in practice, living organisms are fragile and must be quickly delivered to the ground for cultivation. Only an almost exclusive propulsion under sail guarantees the collection of new and healthy data. We must also prove that it is possible to involve the world of ocean racing, a vector of performance and innovation, in a virtuous contribution to the planet.

        © Iodysséus

        Who is Iodysséus?

        A whole team of enthusiasts: scientists, sailors, engineers, communicators, but also volunteers, sponsors, patrons and perhaps you!

        © Iodysséus


        What will the fundraising be used for?

        The "Objectif Bloom" expedition represents a cost of 130 000 €. To date, Iodysséus has raised 90,000€, so there is a shortfall of 40,000€ to carry it out and promote the results of this research. The collection will contribute to the processing of data, the dissemination of results and the creation of written or video content. With your help, they will be able to produce in the best conditions the supports (book, film...) to raise awareness and promote knowledge of the oceans.


        All donations are tax-exempt up to 66% for individuals and 60% for companies. The Iodysséus program is supported by the Science & Sea endowment fund, it is not intended to make a profit.


        The team is looking for sponsors and partners to continue its future exploration program.



      • Published on 26/04/2019
      • Crowdfunding page

        Crowdfunding page

        Iodysseus website

        Iodysseus website

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