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      • Innovation for a sustainable maritime economy: Ongoing OECD/CMM collaboration

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      • Campus mondial de la mer is participating in OECD-led analyses of innovation networks and measuring methods in the maritime economy. CMM was represented at the conference on 14 February which saw the launch of a report entitled ‘Rethinking Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean Economy’.
      • Innovation for a sustainable maritime economy: Ongoing OECD/CMM collaboration
      • In February 2019 OECD and Portugal organised a conference entitled ‘Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean: Observatories and Knowledge Networks’, which brought together 250 international participants. The day included a plenary session devoted to innovation and the presentation of the OECD report.

        The report demonstrates that, since Claire Jolly, Head of OECD’s Ocean Economy Group, Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, visited Brest in March 2018, the OECD has recognised the momentum created by the CMM community and the work it has achieved.

        The chapter devoted to innovation networks provides a comparison between the modus operandi and scope of Campus mondial de la mer and 9 other networks surveyed, most of them European. In this benchmarking exercise, CMM stands out because it is multidisciplinary, while most of the other networks concentrate on one sector – MRE, offshore energy or aquaculture. CMM contributed to this chapter through the involvement of the urban planning agency, ADEUPa Brest-Bretagne, in an international workshop and in exchanges between CMM’s dedicated team and OECD economists. The OECD will keep up the momentum by organising a workshop on innovation networks in Oslo in May. ADEUPa is also looking to set up an Interreg Europe project on this subject.

        In addition, the chapter dealing with innovative methods for assessing the ocean economy cites work on France’s national ecosystems and ecosystem services assessment platform (EFESE). This acknowledgement is a direct result of a paper given by the mixed research unit UMR AMURE (Ifremer/University of Western Brittany/CNRS) on maritime-related studies at a workshop on measuring the ocean economy. Thus, UMR AMURE has laid down a marker for OECD’s 2019-2020 programming in the field of ocean development.

        Contact: Jérémie Bazin jeremie.bazin@tech-brest-iroise.fr

        Picture : Ana Paula Vitorino, Minister of Sea (Protugal) and Dominique Guellec, Head of Science and Technology Policy Division, OECD.


      • Published on 27/03/2019
      • OECD Report

        OECD Report

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