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      • Aquathon #Brest

      • Organised by CMM members

      • Aquathon #Brest
      • The objective: in small teams combining age and expertise, work on the water, think with your hands and dare to experiment with new pragmatic and futuristic ideas, to restore an active relationship with the vital element that is the ocean.


        Day 1

        On Monday morning, April 15, the UBO Open Factoy received about thirty participants in the Aquathon. The Aquathon is a creative and innovative marathon whose challenge is based on the question: How to save our Oceans?


        Day 2

        After a short summary of the first day of this Aquathon, the groups met on the second day to reflect together on their respective topics.


        Here are the themes developed and their problems:

        • Coral & underwater energy:

          • How to adapt corals and/or replace their ecosystem functions?

        • Exploration, data collection:

          • How can we use dreams and curiosity to transform citizens into actors and explorers?

        • Plastic:

          • How to stop the plastic of land origin before it arrives at sea?

        • Education, Mediation, Visualization, Popularization:

          • How can we use dreams and curiosity to transform citizens into actors and explorers?


        The Campus was particularly involved during the Entrepreneurship Forum held on the second day.

        On this occasion, Corinne Ruinet presented the Explore fund, created in 2013 to transform environmental issues into new fields of exploration for the benefit of man and the planet.

        Thibaut Uguen and Yann Louboutin then told the story and approach of Fil & Fab, a local design and recycling studio dedicated to the recovery of used fishing nets.

        Glen Baron of the Technopôle Brest-Iroise presented the support systems for project leaders and innovative companies.

        Jeremie Bazin, Head of the Campus, discussed Ocean Hackathon® with Aquathon participants.


        Day 3

        On the third day, the participants started to make their prototypes.


        Coral & underwater energy:


        Exploration, data collection:




        The teams continued to work on their prototypes all day long.


        Day 4

        The Science Forum was held on the fourth day with the filmed interventions of:

        • Thibaut Pollina, Plankton Planet (with David Le Guen et Dr. Noan Le Bescot)
        • Thierry Reynaud, Laboratoire Océan Hauturier et Interactions d'échelles océaniques
        • Jean Romain Lagadec, Service Ingénierie et Instrumentation Marine
        • Julie Beesau, ENSTA Bretagne, Lab-STICC


        After a weekend of exchanges and presentations open to the public, the first session of the Aquathon ended in Brest on April 21.

        It will then be the turn of the Paris session to take up the challenges of river protection, from 29 April to 5 May.


      • Published on 23/04/2019

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