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      • A look back at the IFQM summer school

      • Organised by CMM members

      • From August 19 to 26, the first summer university of the Institut France-Québec pour la coopération scientifique en appui au secteur maritime (IFQM) took place in the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon archipelago.
      • A look back at the IFQM summer school
      • On this occasion, 32 Franco-Quebec students from 18 different higher education institutions travelled to Saint-Pierre to follow a week of training on the theme of coastal risks and maritime spatial planning.

        This intense week was organized around several sequences led by nine Franco-Quebec trainers who were supported by local experts in the field. Thus, several field trips were proposed alternately with classroom work sessions and exchange times with the local population. Thus, the students went to Miquelon to observe sedimentary formations, talk about erosion phenomena and adaptation solutions. A visit to the port of Saint-Pierre, including the sea cucumber processing plant, was also planned to discuss the challenges facing the sector in the archipelago. Finally, the question of heritage was addressed during an outing to Anse à Henri and on Île aux marins.

        The many public round tables that followed one another during the week as well as the open forum allowed the population, students, trainers and local experts to discuss topics that are essential for the territory such as sustainable development, the challenges of the fishery resource, etc. These discussions continued informally by students who were staying with host families. This immersion was particularly appreciated as it allowed them to see the archipelago from a different angle and to forge special ties with this territory and its inhabitants.


        The first assessment of this edition, sponsored by Mr. Frédéric Mortier, who was recently appointed as an interdepartmental delegate for major risks overseas, is very positive. It has enabled students to live a unique experience, enrich their knowledge and develop their professional network through meetings with local trainers and experts. On the occasion of the opening evening of the event, the Minister for Overseas France, Annick Girardin, also underlined the importance of this event for the territory since it constitutes a major first step for the archipelago whose ambition is to position itself as an interdisciplinary and international scientific platform for the subarctic zones.


        The IFQM would like to repeat this experience next year by organizing a summer school in Quebec.



      • Published on 30/08/2019
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