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      • Forum of seafaring professions

      • December 7, 2019

      • Maison des Océans : 195 Rue Saint-Jacques - 75005 Paris

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      • French
      • Forum of seafaring professions
      • The Seafaring Professions Forum for all those who wish to know more about possible orientations and opportunities

      • An exhaustive vision of the possible orientations for working with the sea.

        The event brings together all professionals in education and training related to maritime professions, as well as a multisectoral representative panel of the maritime economy.

        The objective of this event is twofold: to respond as closely as possible to the demand of each visitor wishing to orient themselves in the sea trades but also to offer a panorama of the potential outlets of this very diversified sector: fishing, aquaculture, navigation, maritime economy, national marine, oceanography, coastal protection, seafood processing, marine engineering...

        •     Come and discover the wide variety of jobs related to the sea and the training courses that lead to it: fishing and aquaculture, oceanography and marine biology, navigation and the French Navy, shipbuilding and maritime economics, environmental management and marine engineering...
        •     Find out about possible directions and identify the most promising opportunities that meet your expectations.
        •     Meet professionals in personal interviews.
        •     Whether you are a schoolboy, high school student, student, parent or guidance professional, we are waiting for you.


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