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A look back at Ocean Hackathon® 2019, 4th edition in Brest and 1st in "multi-site"

This edition brought together approximately 350 participants at 8 sites simultaneously (11-13 Oct. 2019):

Winning team designated in each city will pitch their project on December 12 for the grand finale, which will take place during the Campus mondial de la mer Assembly in Brest.

Winners from cities


SMAUG (Smart Augmented Map), make the nautical chart accessible and attractive to a wide audience: all ages, all disabilities and all goals


Boombloom, a tool for detecting seaweed content explosions on the Breton coast.


Pech’App carried by an Intechmer teacher-researcher: a new mobile application for fishing on foot. It allows users to fish safely (tide, weather, access, sanitation) and legally (regulatory sizes, species, areas). The user is geolocated in order to provide relevant and updated information for his needs.


Marée Vous, an application for sustainable fishing on foot. The project consisted in creating a first moke-up of a future application dedicated to responsible fishing.
The objective of this application is to allow fishermen on foot to obtain in a simplified and digital way all the information necessary for responsible fishing.

La Rochelle

Ocean Is Open: development of an autonomous environmental data collection system, in charge of measuring, recording and sharing data on the marine environment.
The objective: to enable any legal or natural person to participate in the production of environmental data and to share them on a centralised platform.
Adaptable, 100% OpenSource, and Accessible: #OpenScience #OpenData #OpenSource


Algorithm for remote sensing of sargasso


Téthys, solution for securing temporary, eco-responsible and connected anchorage areas


Deep corail led by Ifremer: As some applications already offer it for terrestrial plant species, this program analyses and classifies, using deep-learning algorithms, the content of underwater videos in order to automatically recognize the observed coral species.



About Ocean Hackathon®

Bring your own expertise, share your ideas, imagine innovative solutions, design new digital tools, develop your network, get access to unexploited data, learn more together coached by experts... and enjoy a friendly week-end!

Ocean hackathon® is a 48 hours non-stop event during which some teams imagine innovative use of ocean data. To do that, they will tackle challenges submitted few months before by natural person or legal entity.

Ocean Hackathon® is a unique opportunity to experience an idea around the sea by:

  • Access to a variety of digital data;
  • The presence of high-level coaches who supervise the teams all weekend long on various subjects: data understanding, programming, marine science and technology, business model, pitch art, legal expertise, etc;
  • The extreme motivation of team members from different backgrounds;
  • The friendly, studious but relaxed atmosphere of the Ocean Hackathon® community.


The ambassadors and partners

Ocean Hackathon® is supported by 4 renowned national ambassadors:

  • Ifremer,
  • The Shom,
  • The French Maritime Cluster,
  • The French Agency for Biodiversity and
  • Cedre.

Ocean Hackathon® is coordinated by the team of Campus mondial de la mer, an initiative led by Technopôle Brest-Iroise,


with the support of :

  • Brest métropole
  • Brittany region


and in partnership with :

  • Brest Business School
  • CA Filière Mer
  • CLS
  • Finistère 360°
  • IMT Atlantique
  • Laboratoires Gilbert
  • Le Quartz congrès
  • Le Village by CA
  • Météo France
  • Musée nationale de la Marine
  • Océanopolis
  • OVH
  • Pays de Morlaix
  • Pôle métropolitain du Pays de Brest
  • Thales
  • Tout commence en Finistère


Coordinatrice : Juliette Rimetz-Planchon


+33 2 98 05 63 19


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