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      • The Campus mondial de la mer community in the spotlight during the first Trophées de l'Innovation Océan®

      • On September 20th, the first Trophées de l'Innovation Ocean were held in Paris to promote innovations related to the sea.
      • The Campus mondial de la mer community in the spotlight during the first Trophées de l'Innovation Océan®
      • The first Trophée de l'Innovation Ocean, organized by ADECAN (Agence Detection Study Creation New Activities) were born from the observation that there was no significant event of this type in activities related to the ocean.
        Among the 24 innovations selected, 7 laureates including 3 companies from the community of the Campus mondial de la mer:


          Quiet Oceans (Plouzané) for Quonops Online Services (QOS): Online platform for modeling and prediction of underwater noise.

        Quonops © allows you to recreate in any place of the world the ambient underwater noise in its two components:
        - noise natural (waves, winds, etc.)
        - anthropogenic (shipping, offshore construction, etc.).
        http: //www.quiet-oceans.com/
          Sofresid (Guipavas) for OCTOPOL ©: Barge for the treatment of ships' ballast water and oily water recovery.

        Port solution for assistance to ships calling for the treatment of their ballast water (source of danger for biodiversity) and the reception of their liquid and solid waste. This complete port tool meets a regulatory need and contributes to the eco-responsible policy of ports.

        Mer Agitée (La Forêt-Fouesnant) for the Electronic Penon (ePenon): Real-time aerodynamic performance monitoring.

        The ePenon is a sensor of the state of the flow on an aerodynamic profile and which makes it possible to monitor the state (hooked or unhooked) in real time on the profile. The best adjustment of the aerodynamic profile allows to increase the efficiency, but also to reduce the fatigue and therefore the maintenance costs.



        Also included in the list of 24 selected innovations was the project Sea it Mer d'Iroise

          Among the 24 selected innovations, special mention to the project "Sea It! Iroise Sea" which brings together several actors from of the Campus mondial de la mer community, including the Iroise Marine Nature Park, CEDRE, Shom, bookBeo (developer of the application) and Allegans at the origin of the project "Sea it!". The application "Sea It! Iroise Sea" is intended in particular to create a database of marine pollution from photos, text and other georeferenced data sent by users, and to visualize the effects.

        The project "Sea It!" emerged as part of the first edition of Ocean Hackathon (2016) and is built around several maritime themes, including that of pollution. Note that the entries for the 3rd edition of Ocean Hackathon, which will take place from October 5 to 7 at ENSTA Bretagne, are currently open.

        Learn more about the Ocean Hackathon: www.ocean-hackathon.fr 

        Contacts :

        bookBeo : Sophie Deniel sophie@bookbeo.com

        Allegans : Yann Rabuteau y.rabuteau@allegans.com


        More information on the Trophées de l'Innovation Océan®:


        Le Campus mondial de la mer :

        The Campus mondial de la mer is a community of academic, economic and institutional actors in the field of marine sciences and technologies. Our community extends over the whole of Finistère, from Roscoff to Concarneau, with Brest for barycentre. Our ambition is to make Brest and Brittany one of the world's places of study and development of oceans and seas, and the platform of a strong maritime economy.


        Contact :
        Jéremie Bazin

        +33 (0)2 98 05 63 20


      • Published on 27/09/2018

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