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      • Press Release | 24 challenges selected for the 3rd edition of Ocean Hackathon 2018

      • Organised by CMM members

      • The Ocean Hackathon Selection Committee met on Friday, July 6 to select the challenges that will be presented to the teams in October. Ocean Hackathon will be held non-stop from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th October 2018 at ENSTA Bretagne.
      • Press Release | 24 challenges selected for the 3rd edition of Ocean Hackathon 2018
      • A first: 12 challenges brought by organizations

        The challenges presented to Ocean Hackathon can be challenged by natural and legal persons.

        13 organizations are involved: ADEUPa, Association for the Study and Preservation of Selachians (APECS), Brest Metropolis, Brittany Ferries, Directorate of Maritime Affairs, EXWEXS, France Haliotis, Mabiba & Nature, Global Observatory of the St. Lawrence, Metropolitan Pole of the Pays de Brest, ORCA, Shom, University of Nantes.

        Challenges, from here and elsewhere:

        The challenge holders come from Brittany (Brest, Roscoff, Rennes ...) but also from France (Nantes, Senlis) and even further afield: Dakar (Senegal), Kribi (Cameroon), Oostende (Belgium), Rimouski (Canada).

        Very varied fields of application:

        Circular economy, marine biodiversity, understanding of ecosystems, conservation and protection, aquaculture and seaweed farming, waste management and recovery, marine renewable energies, safety at sea, offshore racing and nautical activities, naval architecture, employment and training, health, scientific mediation , art ...

        Registration Open to Meet the Challenges, September 3, 2018:

        Ocean Hackathon is open to those who want to bring their expertise to a team to answer one of the 24 challenges. See you at the beginning of September on www.ocean-hackathon.fr

        Contact :

        Juliette Rimetz-Planchon, Technopole Brest-Iroise / Campus mondial de la mer
        juliette.rimetz@tech-brest-iroise.fr | 02 98 05 63 19

      • Published on 19/07/2018

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