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      • Focus on the « Project Lab – Plastic pollution »

      • The Interreg France Channel England programme, with the support of Technopôle Brest Iroise and Campus Mondial de la Mer, held a Project lab in Plouzané, on September 27th. The objective was to start working on a targeted project proposal on marine plastic pollution.
      • Focus on the « Project Lab – Plastic pollution »
      • 35 participants from France and England took part in this event and worked together on project proposals to tackle ocean plactic pollution.

        Some project ideas presented : development of biodegradable products for the fishing industry and aquaculture ; reuse of plactic wastes ; development of tools to target the sources of pollution ; identification and assessment of existing and emerging solutions…

        Following this Project lab, the Interreg France Channel England programme will come back to the participants in order to identify a project leader. The consortium will get support from the Joint Secretariat for the preparation of the project proposal.

        This targeted project on plastic pollution will be funded by the ERDF and will benefit from a cofinancing rate of 69%, the project will be approved by the programme’s committee in July 2019.

        Contact :

        Pauline Presse : pauline.presse@tech-brest-iroise.fr

      • Published on 08/11/2018

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