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      • Training "The environmental challenges of blue growth"

      • July 2-4, 2019

      • Brest - Roscoff

      • Organised by CMM members

      • French
      • Training "The environmental challenges of blue growth"
      • The training course "The environmental challenges of blue growth" will be held from 2 to 4 July 2019 in Brest and Roscoff for its second edition with a programme refocused on 3 themes.
      • Who is the training for?

        • French-speaking public
        • Any actor from public or private organisations wishing to invest in the sustainable development of coastal and marine territories and the conservation of marine biodiversity

        Teaching methods

        21h alternating:

        • A theoretical education
        • Illustrations of operational implementations
        • A field trip to the field

        Training objectives

        To understand the environmental issues related to the exploitation of the potential of the seas and oceans and to understand the keys to sustainable growth

        • Master the theoretical knowledge essential to understanding marine biodiversity management issues
        • Become familiar with the different regulatory frameworks and tools for preserving marine ecosystems in a context of sustainable territorial development
        • Understand the environmental issues related to the development of human activities at sea and on the coast
        • Strengthen its capacity for prospective analysis on the environmental sustainability of blue growth projects in emerging sectors


        Tuesday, July 2, 2019

        Theme 1: Biodiversity, conservation policies and sustainable development at sea

        • Assessment of the health status of marine and coastal ecosystems
        • Frameworks and tools for biodiversity conservation in a sustainable development context, and planning
        • Overview of economic activities at sea

        Wednesday, July 3

        Theme 2: Economic activities at sea - some focus

        • The algae sector in Brittany: resource exploitation methods, development potential and environmental issues of seaweed farming
        • Marine renewable energies: development potential and environmental challenges
        • An example of a coastal development project integrating blue and green growth: the Brest polder development

        Thursday, July 4

        Theme 3: Monitoring and evaluation of conservation policies in a context of sustainable development

        • Assessing the effectiveness of management for biodiversity protection / Dashboard
        • Economic analysis in support of nature conservation policies: concepts and tools
        • An instrument for reconciling development and conservation imperatives: compensatory measures

        Cost of training

        400 € / day (total 1 200 €), including :

        • teaching costs
        • catering (3 lunches and 1 dinner)
        • the field trip by boat
        • transport during the 3 days

        Contact :

        UBO Continuing Education Department

        20, Avenue le Gorgeu

        29238 Brest Cedex 3

        +33 (0)2 98 01 63 32


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