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      • Oceans and Climate Change

      • 12th-14th june 2019

      • Valetta

      • CMM relevant event

      • International event
      • Oceans and Climate Change
      • Towards a better understanding and handling of the impacts of climate change to oceans, biodiversity and livelihoods
      • Oceans are a vital component of the biosphere, and the ecosystem services they provide are vital to humankind as a whole, and to the world´s economy in particular. Oceans are also under severe pressure from climate change. According to the most recent Assessment Reports (ARs) produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global ocean temperatures have been rising steadily.  Other worrying factors in play are the changing ocean biochemistry and the ever-rising sea levels. Some of the many impacts of these change include: 

        • a)    changes in levels of salinity
        • b)    impacts on marine species, for instance plankton, corals and fish among others
        • c)   increased pressures on coastlines and possible threats to populations and properties
        • d)   changes in economic activities and life-styles
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