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      • International seminar "Sea & Coastal: a common good?"

      • June 17-19, 2019

      • Lorient et Vannes

      • Organised by CMM members

      • International event
      • International seminar "Sea & Coastal: a common good?"
      • In order to strengthen and display its maritime identity, UBS has created the Institut citoyen d'études maritimes et littorales, named ARCHIPEL, to serve its community, its territory (socio-economic world and civil society) and, more broadly, the Sea and the Coast. The seminar "Sea and Coast: a common good", to be held from 17 to 19 June 2019, will be the first international scientific event of this Institute.

      • From the theory developed by Hardin on the ″tragedy of the commons″ to the work of Ostrom, Nobel Prize winner in 2009, the common goods have been the subject of many studies.

        This seminar aims to understand maritime and coastal areas as common goods by building interdisciplinary approaches that bring together scientists, users and politicians.


        Monday, June 17

        At the interface of disciplines (Lorient)

        Workshops for interdisciplinary reflection on scientific approaches to the concepts of "common goods" in the maritime and coastal domain.

        Roundtables of international researchers.

        • Modern means and methods of biomonitoring of coastal environments
        • Ports and their environment  
        • How can the law make possible what is necessary, either by consensus or by coercion?
        • Cross-fertilization of sociologists, geographers and managers on tourism in coastal areas

        Tuesday, June 18

        At the interface with the territory and socio-economic ecosystems (Vannes)

        The challenges and actions of the territory around the notions of "common goods" in the maritime and coastal domain.

        Conferences of international and local actors.

        • The Ocean: A Common Good for Generations! What are our short-term responsibilities, challenges and resources?
        • Can lawyers contribute to the global conversation on maritime and coastal commons?
        • The coastline as a shared, coveted, claimed and... common space: the challenge of monitoring and preservation
        • Sea and Coastal: common resources and responsibilities
        • Acting for tomorrow: UBS as a proposal force
        • From local to international: points of life and reactions at various latitudes and longitudes

        Wednesday, June 19

        Conversion of a port site: the activities of Lorient Keroman (Lorient)

        Morning of visits reserved for the seminar speakers


        Monday and Tuesday days are free and open to all upon registration.


      • More information (in French)

        More information (in French)

        Registration (in French)

        Registration (in French)

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