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      • CMM activities: Sea Access for production activities especially aquacultures and biosciences activities

      • Organised by CMM members

      • CMM activities: Sea Access for production activities especially aquacultures and biosciences activities
      • Maritime activities are targetted as essential by European Commission (troughout its Blue Growth Policy). France also have just adopted its “Stratégie National de la Mer et du Littoral) (National Strategy for Sea and Littoral?) as well as the authorities (Brittany and municipalities). Due to both a lack of seafood production in Europe (seafood products are imported at 65%) and potentialities offered by new technologies, aquaculture and biotechnologies are especially concerned by these policies. These sectors offer interesting territorial development and boost economic growth and job creation for seacoastal areas.

        However, many projects are hampered by barriers impeding their creation or development. They face many issues: complex regulation, low social acceptability and also a lack of planification and visibility on suitable and available areas in coastal zones.

        In order to tackle this issue, Investir en Finistère (non profit organization in economic development) and its partners (local authorities, research centers and professional federations) is carrying out the project “Sea Access for production activities especially aquacultures and biosciences activities”. It consists in improving the spatial planification in coastal areas.


        Concretely, we elaborate a cartography that identifies :

        1. existing spaces on shore, near shore and at sea and buildings with seawater pumping available for projects,
        2. potential areas that could be dedicated to such activities.

        The project begun last summer and will end by September 2017. The cartography will be shared with all stakeholders through a dedicated website.


        Contact :

        Aurore Coppens – Investir en Finistère
        +33 (0)2 98 33 97 73

      • Published on 10/05/2017

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