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Portal of marine research infrastructures in progress


In 2018, the portal of marine research infrastructures will be online...



(c) photo - Alice Vanhoutte-Brunier / CMM



Why such a portal?

It will offer to all stakeholders a comprehensive research tool of the existing facilities which are dedicated to marine research … a tool to enhance collaborations and innovation!

This tool will give internationally a view of this dynamic place in the sector of science and technology of the sea.

Which infrastructures?

The portal will list marine research equipments and platforms operated by public research centres, higher education institutes and businesses located in Campus mondial de la mer area.

The inventory concerns a wide range of infrastructures: digital infrastructures, testing sites, analysis laboratories, ocean and coastal observation systems, vessels and services...

Which information?

Technological equipments and platforms corresponding to some search criteria will be displayed on a map. For each result, a synthetic summary of services and terms of access will be provided. Visitors will also be able to express their need to the technical referents of the infrastructures.

Who is involved?

Organisations involved in the project are:

UBO, IUEM, UBS, Ifremer, IMT Atlantique, Shom, Ecole Navale, ENSTA Bretagne, Agrocampus Ouest, Station Biologique de Roscoff, MNHN Concarneau, Thalès, Naval Group...

The data collected are added to the CRAFT database of Bretagne Développement Innovation.

This action is coordinated with other initiatives having similar objectives or deployed at other scales: Plug in Labs Ouest, EurOcean



For more information, please feel free to contact Alice Vanhoutte-Brunier - alice.vanhoutte@tech-brest-iroise.fr


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