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      • Mapathon UBO Open Factory

      • December 13, 2018

      • UBO OpenFactory,Faculté des sciences et techniques Bat D, salle D133, 6 avenue Le Gorgeu 29238 Brest

      • Organised by CMM members

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      • Mapathon UBO Open Factory
      • Come and help us map Madagascar's spaces on OpenStreetMap, the map of the collaborative and free world, at the Mapathon UBO Open Factory, Thursday, December 13.
      • Come and help us map Madagascar's spaces on OpenStreetMap, the map of the collaborative and free world.

        Registration required: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/billets-mapathon-a-brest-ubo-open-factory-52931082292

        CartONG organizes a mapathon centered on Madagascar with the UBO Open Factory, Tiriad and local groups. You can discover participatory and humanitarian mapping in OpenStreetMap: no need to be an expert, it's accessible to everyone! As we like to link the useful to the pleasant, we propose you to share a common meal that will also be contributory and collaborative: the idea being that everyone brings back a dish to share with everyone!

        The evening program

        We invite you to discover how to contribute to OpenStreetMap during a "mapathon" and map areas of Madagascar that are not yet mapped. The purpose of this event is to add information such as buildings, and roads, watercourses. The maps that will be produced thanks to your contributions will make it possible to support various flood risk prevention projects, but also to promote tourism and economic development in these regions!
        On the program:

        • 6:30 pm: Welcome of the participants
        • 6:40 pm: Welcome, presentation of the Missing Maps project and the evening's proceedings
        • 6:50 pm: Presentation of the contribution in OpenStreetMap
        • 7:00 pm: Let's map!
        • 8:00 pm: Tasting of our good dishes (yummy)
        • 9:30 pm-10:00 pm: End of the mapathon, conclusion on the contributions of the evening


        UBO OpenFactory Faculty of Science and Technology Bat D, room D133, 6 avenue Le Gorgeu 29238 Brest


        Many thanks to the UBO Open Factory for their welcome and support!
        Free admission upon registration.
        Come in large numbers, and don't forget to bring your laptop, and smile!

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