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      • EcoAqua Third Summer School Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning

      • 4 8 September 2017

      • Funchal

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      • EcoAqua Third Summer School Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning
      • This summer school course will provide the participants a solid overall understanding of basic and applied aspects of Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). This course will follow a holistic approach to MSP, addressing stakeholders’ involvement, maritime sector’s needs, marine environment conservation, national/international legal aspects and finally, applicable data management. The course will be given by academics and professionals, with practical knowledge, experiences, and applicable methods as related tools.

        The scientific and technical courses will be organized around specific modules focusing on:

        • Marine Spatial Planning: basics, practicalities, legal aspects
        • Different stakeholders: Energy & Transport, Fisheries & Aquaculture, Tourism & leisure, Biodiversity Conservation
        • Marine protected areas, Integrated Coastal Management.

        Besides lectures by renowned experts actively involved in different aspects of maritime economy, there will be a field trip and practical challenges. The course will provide a forum for exchange of know-how and good practices between experts and participants.

        The target audience are early-stage researchers and professionals interested in Blue Growth, Bio-Economy, Coastal Tourism, Sustainable Aquaculture, Marine Conservation, the application of the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive and related European Directives.

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