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Education and training along CMM

Master degrees:

  • master degrees in marine science and technology (UBO), which includes 7 mater degrees in biological sciences, marine environment chemistry, geosciences, expertise in coastal management, marine physics, maritime economy, and law of maritime activities. Marine Physics curriculum is taught completely in English.
  • master in eco-conception (UBS), to train executives and engineers in the conception and industrialisation of tomorrows' industrial composites
  • master in marine environment and biotechnologies (UBS), fostering a cross-disciplinary knowledge in chemistry, microbiology and biotechnologies
  • master in history and social sciences of the ocean and coasts (UBS)
  • master certified by the International Hydrographic Organization (ENSTA Bretagne)
  • master in maritime engineering (ENSTA Bretagne)
  • Multidisciplinary master in the naval environment (Naval Academy)
  • International "Atlantic master in ship operations and naval engineering" in English (Naval Academy)
  • master programmes having several courses related to marine science and technology, e.g. underwater communications, sonar principles, and ocean satellite observation techniques (IMT Atlantique)
  • master in renewable marine energie (ENSTA Bretagne, Naval Academy, UBO, IMT Atlantique)


Multidisciplinary doctoral school in marine sciences:

UBO and UBS, with the engineering schools, have a joint PhD school in marine and coastal sciences (EDSML), which offers an exceptionnaly broad range of disciplines.

Attractiveness: 60% of the PhD students coming from outside the consortium; 30% international students.


Experience in pedagogic innovation:

  • MOOC
  • FabLab
  • Teaching involving artists and virtual reality environments


Lifelong learning


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