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Marine Science and Technology is one of the most significant advantage of Brest and Brittany.

Campus mondial de la mer is a robust network of world-class research centres and innovative companies, supported by technology transfer and business support organisations and local authorities.

It spans disciplines in observing systems for ocean knowledge and security, sustainable use of marine resources and coastal areas, intelligent sensors and monitoring drones, new marine molecules for biotechnology and healthcare applications…

Our challenge :

Campus mondial de la mer aims at becoming a global leader in ocean research and knowledge based economy.

Our Objectives :

Campus mondial de la mer strengthens connection between students, researchers, businesses and entrepreneurs to create community of talented individuals committed to drive new ideas and opportunities for collaboration.

Campus mondial de la mer promotes its community of players at international level to impulse new activities, growth and attractiveness.






      • Call for abtracts: deadline extended to January 15th
      • Commitment of the four Ocean Hackathon Ambassadors during the Assises de l'économie de la mer
      • The Ocean University Initiative launches its UNU expert mission
      • Brest Metropole receives an IEEE OES award for Sea Tech Week
          • 13
          • December 13, 2018
          • Organised by CMM members

          • French
          • 31
          • January 31st, 2019
          • Organised by CMM members

          • French
          • 27
          • 19
          • 19 May - 8 June 2019
          • Organised by CMM members

          • International event
          • 17
          • 17-21 june 2019
          • Organised by CMM members

          • International event

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Campus Mondial de la Mer - Executive Office
Tel : +33 (0)2 98 05 44 51

The executive office is carried out by Technopôle Brest-Iroise team


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